Friday, December 31, 2010

Before we got sucked in.

I always wanted to live in the 50's where things were simple. No Facebook, Text messaging,no reality TV.

I want to sit at the table with my family for meals,have coffee with the Neighbor and chit chat, Spank our kids without going to Jail or having a CPS visit! Go on car rides for fun with Ward, Wally and Beaver! I wanna be June cleaver dammit!!!!

The 1st thing upon waking up is check my phone for missed text, get some coffee turn news on the tube and get on facebook. My kids are still sleeping snug in their beds with their TVs glowing. we have 3 TVs on 24/7, the laptop is always open. Video games always being played!

When our box dinner isn't made we eat out. rare anything I make is homemade. When we eat its on the couch! not next to my little ones talking about the day.

How things have changed in this world, in the years coming I am worried if we might not need to even open our mouths to speak. they will have something read our minds and speak for us. Not in my day I am sure but maybe my great grand children's.

I want things to change in 2011, I don't want to be thin. or have fuller hair or lips, I don't even want to be rich... I wanna be rich in love and simple things, I wanna try out for one week. I am not sure when, but one week where we don't text! We make phone calls, We don't email, we bust our pens out. No crap TV but maybe some news and PBS :)Make God our foundation.Eat meals together and make everything from scratch! Even buy a cow for milk and food!!! KIDDING! So far the only thing I have is a clean house!

I wanna spend one whole week as June!


  1. "Make God our foundation..."
    That is huge...
    How are you doing with all this?

  2. missed the entry for the book...but you words and blog have caught my heart and if you email me your address, I'll send you a copy of the grace-based parenting book.
    K @ The Chuppies